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Menstrual Cup




Our B.YOU menstrual cup is designed to help you start your menstrual cup journey as easy as possible. Made out of 100% soft, medical-grade silicone and a perfected ergonomic design, it is safe and comfortable to use. No more worrying about forgetting to bring extra period products! B.YOU menstrual cup replaces pads and tampons and helps you achieve worry-free periods.

Choose between two sizes:

* Size A for those who haven’t given birth vaginally
* Size B for those who have given birth vaginally

Quality Materials Coral Yoga Mat - Bellabeat


The ergonomic design follows your natural body shape allowing the cup to be securely worn without leaking — day and night.

Antislip Coral Yoga Mat - Bellabeat


With up to 10 years of use, it will save you approximately $1,500.*

Biodegradeable Coral Yoga Mat - Bellabeat


The menstrual cup lasts for up to 10 years, reducing the cost of period products and your carbon footprint.

Comfortable Mat Coral Yoga Mat - Bellabeat


Made from medical-grade silicone, it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals found in other period products, and maintains your natural pH balance.


Being a part of the change can be easy​

Pads, tampons, and their packaging create more than 150,000 tonnes of waste every year and most of it is plastic. As they cannot be recycled, they end up in landfills.

We’re here to change that.

By switching to a menstrual cup, you are reducing your period carbon footprint by 99%, or up to 50kg CO2 equivalent. One cup will last you for up to 10 years and replace an average of 2,500 tampons and pads.


A New Wellness Experience​

Bellabeat B.YOU is a line of premium wellness accessories that complement your Bellabeat wellness trackers and digital coach. Made to lift your wellness experience to the next level!


A menstrual cup is a type of reusable feminine hygiene product. It’s made out of 100% medical-grade silicone and safe to use. It replaces single-use tampons and pads and can hold more blood than your regular tampon or pad. 

Using a menstrual cup is easy and takes just a little bit of practice. 

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly. 
  2. Fold the cup at the rim.
  3. Insert into the vaginal canal as you would insert a tampon. You can do this by sitting down on the toilet, squatting, or lifting your leg and resting it on any elevated surface. 
  4. Once inserted, the cup will open up and create a gentle vacuum.

The menstrual cup works as a barrier within your vagina that collects blood and prevents it from leaking. It can hold as much blood as 2-3 normal tampons and is safe to wear for up to 12 hours!

B.YOU menstrual cup comes in two sizes: A and B. Size A is for women who haven’t given birth or gave birth via c-section and size B is for women who have given birth vaginally.

Remember that every vagina is unique and the cup is not a one-size-fits-all product so, while giving birth may be a deciding factor, others such as cervix height and flow heaviness can influence the size you need. 

Your cup should be emptied every 8-12 hours. In the beginning, we recommend that you empty it more frequently while you are getting to know your cup and flow.

In order to remove the cup, find the stem with your fingers and gently pull on it until you reach the cup base. Once you have a hold of the base, lightly pinch it to ease the suction and pull the cup out.
It is possible and normal that the cup moves during the day and your activities, however, you should always be able to find the stem and remove it. 

Before using your cup, sanitize it in a pot of boiling water for 4-5 minutes. Make sure the cup is not touching the bottom. During your period, you can simply rinse it out with warm water and continue using it!

Before using your menstrual cup, sanitize it in a pot of boiling water for 4-5 minutes, making sure the cup doesn’t touch the bottom! Do not microwave your cup!

You can easily empty your cup in a public restroom as you would at home. When it comes to cleaning, bring a bottle of water to rinse it or use body-safe wet wipes. If nothing’s on hand, use toilet paper and rinse at home.

As the cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone, it does not contain latex or BPA so it is safe to use if you have a latex allergy.

Yes! The cup is made from a soft and flexible material so once inserted properly, it should not bother you during any activities. Also, as it is leakproof you can wear it for up to 12 hours without any worries.

You will know that the cup is inserted properly if it’s not causing you any discomfort and is not leaking. If you experience any discomfort or leaking, try running your finger along the bottom of the cup to ensure the cup has opened properly and the suction is working. You can also pinch the base and twist it slightly to make sure it is fully opened.