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Booty Band



The premium booty band designed to help transform your body. Build, pump & sculpt with your ultimate workout tool for sculpted legs, a solid core, and bootylicious glutes.




Made with high-quality materials for long-term use


One of a kind scrunchie style design for enhanced grip.


Perfect for travel and gym bag storage.


Full range comfort with optimal stretch and breathability


Experience B.You

Unlike any other band on the market. B.YOU combines the complete motion of silicone bands with the durability of textile bands.

More than a workout tool, the B.YOU booty band was created to enhance your workout experience at home, in the gym, or on-the go.


Less Pain, More Gain

Optimize your workout and build your booty with no slipping, rolling, or pinching.

Spare the pain and maximize the gain with optimized resistance technology.

Build with Bellabeat

Bellabeat specializes in creating the tools and resources for optimized wellness.

We’ve created a high-quality booty band, so of course we’re providing high-quality workouts to match.

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Reach Your Fitness Goals with B.You

Increase Fat Loss

Resistance training is proven to speed up your metabolism and increase fat burn.

Enhance Gains

Sculpting and toning paired with the proper diet can help you
gain muscle and reach weight goals.

Boost Energy

Regular exercise causes the body to release endorphins and increases oxygen to your heart and lungs for a better sleep and more energy throughout the day.

Scan the code on the back of your B.YOU Booty Bands and enjoy your workouts!