Bellabeat Launches Leaf Urban



Bellabeat launches Leaf Urban: The new edition in health-oriented smart jewelry

New stress-predicting and management features change the game in wearable tech for women.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 26, 2016) – Bellabeat, the wellness-oriented company dedicated to creating innovative and beautiful technology for women, launches their new Leaf Urban; a health tracker designed for the busy woman, that helps predict stress levels based on lifestyle habits. Since their launch of Leaf Nature, Bellabeat has distributed over 400k devices. Leaf Urban, the newest addition to the company’s beloved wellness tracker collection works with Leaf App as well to track women’s activity and sleep, provide an overview of reproductive health, and now, with the brand new patented feature, help predict and manage stress. The new stress-predicting feature analyzes different lifestyle habits to help users not only manage stress but also prevent it by determining the triggers that cause it.

Motivated by everyday movements and activities in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, Leaf Urban combines health tracking technology and a modern jewelry design to encourage users to take action when it comes to their health, as early as possible. Leaf Urban features a streamlined appearance as well as technological differences, aimed at making the product more user-friendly and wearable for every woman. These new characteristics come directly from Bellabeat’s commitment to their consumer and incorporate direct feedback from Leaf Nature users.

Designed by women for women, new product developments include:

  • New stress-predicting and tracking technology
  • New mindfulness-tracking technology
  • Water-resistant material
  • Technically advanced composite materials
  • Modern design elements
  • Symmetrical clip
  • More sustainable bracelet

“Without our dedicated vocal users we would not have been able to create our product and get it to market as quickly as we did,” said Urska Srsen, co-founder & CPO at Bellabeat. “Our loyal fan base continually helps us create, develop and improve the useful and seamless ecosystem of wellness products that work organically within a woman’s lifestyle.”

In addition to the new stress-management and mindfulness-management features, like Leaf Nature, Leaf Urban will track activity, sleep, menstrual cycles and meditation – providing women with an all-encompassing 360 degree look at their health and wellness. Designed with personalization and style in mind, the health tracker can be worn as a clip, bracelet or necklace.

Leaf Urban will be available for pre-order at the beginning of August 2016 at Bellabeat’s website for $139. It comes in two colors, Silver and Rose Gold.

About Bellabeat

Founded in 2014, Bellabeat, top 5 Y-COMBINATOR company in W14 class, creates beautiful, innovative products that help women easily track their overall health and wellness, and get connected to their body and mind throughout different stages in life. Bellabeat helps create a better, healthier lifestyle by bringing intuitive wellness tools to women, encouraging them to take care of their health and to be informed. Bellabeat has always been inspired by the beauty and power of nature, which is incorporated into all of their products. Some of the company’s top investors are SV ANGEL, UNIVERSAL, CRUNCHFUND, Nicolas Berggruen, Justin Kan, Michael Seibel, Paul Buchheit, Tom Fallows, CherubicVC and Adrian Aoun.