Bellabeat Launches Leaf Chakra



Bellabeat launches Leaf Chakra, smart jewelry made from energy harvesting gems and crystals powered by stress-predicting technology

A new wellness companion for women: Leaf Chakra

Inspired by the energies of power and love

IFA Berlin, Amsterdam UK, 31st August 2018 – Bellabeat, the first fashionable wellness brand, today launches Leaf Chakra, the newest personal health companion in the Bellabeat family, designed to also track meditations and breathing. More than just a fitness tracker, the Leaf Chakra combines the power of technology, with traditional energy harvesting natural materials, to strengthen, inspire and guide woman on their path to reconnecting their mind, body and soul.

When connected to the Bellabeat app, Leaf Chakra allows women to track meditation sessions and guides them through the process of alleviating stress by helping them learn breathing techniques for meditation and yoga. Bellabeat’s innovative stress predicting feature uses a unique algorithm to determine resistance to stress by also tracking sleep quality and duration, reproductive health and activity to improve overall wellbeing.

As a new personal wellness coach, Leaf Chakra will help reaffirm positive wellbeing, with the natural power of gems and crystals. Inspired by the power of energy, this stylish, wellness device, can be worn as a necklace or a clip to offer maximum comfort during work, yoga, meditation or sleep. With a nature enthused design, Leaf Chakra is available in two designs; Love and Power:

Leaf Chakra Love: Designed with Rose Quartz crystal to inspire love, healing and forgiveness, this crystal is known to bring calm and harmony during stressful times, removing negative energy and replacing it with love. Accompany the spiritual crystal energy with the  Love Mala beads to add positive energy to everyday.

Leaf Chakra Power: Designed with Onyx gemstones to help strength grow, this powerful protection stone absorbs and transforms negative energy; helping women feel more grounded and productive, supporting the development of emotional and physical strength. Pair with the Strength Mala beads to bring out inner power and confidence.

“At Bellabeat we are aware of how stress can affect our lifestyle and wellbeing, with pressure to do better, be more energetic and look good. Leaf Chakra offers both a durable and precise health tracker as well as beautiful meditation jewellery for women,” commented Urska Srsen, co-founder and CCO of Bellabeat.

“Taking meditation and stress further, we have merged the power of nature and technology into Leaf Chakra by inheriting the unique features of Leaf Urban and Nature but also focusing on the importance of our body’s energy centers. These are Chakras that have their own purpose in influencing our body. We want to help women keep their chakras in balance to maintain mental and physical wellbeing,” explained Srsen.

Product MSRP:

Leaf Chakra Power and Love: £129.00 (available in rose gold and silver)


Both products are available to purchase on the Bellabeat website


  • Stress-predicting and tracking technology
  • Mindfulness-tracking technology
  • Water-resistant material (Leaf Urban)
  • Technically advanced composite materials
  • Modern design elements
  • Symmetrical clip
  • Smaller design