How To Improve Your Self-Esteem Through Mindful Actions



Most of us move through life on autopilot, oblivious to what’s going both outside and inside of us.

This type of mental unawareness means we have no defense against protruding ill thoughts. There’s no way to inspect our thoughts objectively. Instead, we identify with them and, eventually, develop low self-esteem.

Fortunately, you can reclaim your self-respect and all it takes are some mindful steps. Start paying attention to these 5 things and your self-esteem will skyrocket in no time.

1. Self-talk

Did you know that about 50,000 – 80,000 thoughts pass through your mind each day?

Now think about what would happen if half of them were negative. Can’t be good, right? And for a lot of people, the percentage is much higher.

Stop your negative self-talk by focusing on what’s going through your head. Start by meditating for 15 minutes each day and make it a point to let your thoughts come in. Observe them, then let them go.

2. Present Moment

Worry and regret are the number one enemy of healthy self-esteem. You might be worried about whether you’ll be able to land that heavyweight client or close a deal. Or you might regret not asking for a promotion when you had the chance.

Thinking about the past or the future only makes us doubt ourselves.

Next time you find yourself somewhere else in time, take a deep breath in. Gently direct your attention away from distractions and return to the present moment.

3. Body Language

Research has shown that our body language does not only affect how others view us, but also how we view ourselves.

Slouching, avoidance of eye contact or closed gestures can seriously hurt our self-esteem. They send our brain messages that we feel threatened and weak. It would be a good idea to pay more attention to our body language, right?

Replace inferior body language with one that radiates confidence. Emulate high power poses such as standing with your hands on your hips. This will give your self-esteem an instant boost!

4. The People Around Us

Often, we put a spotlight on how bad, incompetent, or unattractive we supposedly are, and wonder why no one ever told us that. After all, others must notice it all the time.

The truth is, other people are mostly wrapped up in their own selves and never even spot our flaws.

Shift your attention to the people around you and you’ll start noticing that they’re struggling with their own bad sides.

5. Habits

Acquiring unhealthy habits leads to low self-esteem. There’s this voice in our heads saying that what we’re doing is wrong, but we choose not to listen to it.

Still, it keeps bothering us. We can’t simply sweep it under the carpet.

You can solve your problems by paying more attention to your lifestyle. Often, we form habits with 0 awareness. We just keep doing the same thing over and over again, until it becomes a part of our daily routine.

Choose your own habits by becoming mindful of your actions. As they say, better safe than sorry!