4 Types of Meditation: Which One Is the Best for You?



This week we’re all about mindfulness! Meditation, breathing, reflection are all important when deciding to embark on this journey of becoming more self-aware and stress-free. In the sea of different meditation options, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect one for you!

Educators, mental health experts, and spiritual leaders all have their preferred ones and recommend them to their followers, but in the end: it’s up to you.

When talking about the differences between each meditation, you can think of it in two ways. The first one is based on what is the mechanism of the meditation or how the meditation is facilitated, with the most common ones being:

  1. Guided meditations
  2. Visual meditations
  3. Ambiental sounds
  4. Breathing techniques

The second focuses on what the goal of the meditation is and this one has a much wider range of possibilities as it is personal and depends on each individual but some of the most used ones are aimed to de-stress, feel grounded, share love and sleep better.

If you want to learn more, keep on reading!

Guided meditations

With guided meditation, you don’t have to think about how to meditate. All you need is some free time and a will to meditate, as it all comes down to listening.

It will help you clear your mind of the current issues you’re facing and help you embark on an amazing new journey with creative content created to get you in the right mood to let go and relax.

It’s the best choice for you have trouble concentrating, your mind is running around and you live an overall busy life.

Visual meditations

Humans are visual creatures when it comes to learning and getting information. Among all of our senses, sight is the one we rely on the most so it’s no wonder it’s the one that can impact our state of mind to the highest extent.

Visualization has been proven to help release stress and performance anxiety while helping you have more power and determination in achieving day-to-day tasks.

It’s the best choice for everyone who learns faster using visual aids as well as others who have a harder time focusing only on sounds.

Ambiental sounds

Amazing option when you wish to focus better or simply have some time for yourself. Rain, thunder, nature, or deep-sea sounds have been proven to improve cognitive performance, ability to concentrate as well as your mood.

In our Bellabeat app, you can choose between ambiental sounds of Tropical Island, Country Meadow, and Deep Ocean, carefully selected to bring you peace and help you start with your mindfulness journey.

It’s the best choice for everyone who prefers focusing on the sounds while working or needs some white noise before falling asleep.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises focus on activating your diaphragmic breathing and strengthening the muscles responsible for deep breaths. It has a number of benefits and is a basis for all meditation exercises.

Some of the most important benefits it brings are:

  • Helps you relax, lowering your cortisol levels
  • Lowers your heartbeat
  • Improves core muscles
  • Lowers your breathing rate which makes it easier to fall asleep

You can find amazing Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Breathing exercises in your Bellabeat app, and use your Leaf to track them!