3 Amazing Meditations You Can Find in Your Bellabeat App



Are you feeling stressed? February is one of the most stressful months of the year so it’s no wonder many of us are experiencing difficulties concentrating. These 3 meditations will help you relax and destress so you can continue going on with your day!

Settle your mind

Stop for a second where you are. Take a deep breath and observe your thoughts and emotions. Feel them passing by like waves on the endless sunset horizon. Notice the sensations around you and feel these experiences from the inside. That’s your first step towards meditation and mindfulness. 

Finding calm and mental stillness is an essential part of your life and we would like to introduce you to amazing ways to uncover your inner peace.

The simplest, most basic, and the most important meditative skill of all is the ability to settle the mind. 

In our Bellabeat Wellness Coach app, you can find more than 30 meditations, ranging from de-stress, better sleep to couples meditation—sensual love.

Each has a different focus, but the same purpose. We’ve taken you a step forward with the help of one of the best life coaches, inspiring authors, and motivational speakers – Christine Hassler.

Christine Hassler is an author, speaker and life coach with a counseling emphasis known for catalyzing radical self-reflection while offering practical direction. She believes we all deserve and are capable of discovering our passion, pursuing our dreams, and making an impact on the world.

Christine’s positive energy and passion are also integrated into her guided meditation exercises. We are happy to include her guided visualization exercises, specially developed for your Bellabeat app. Bellabeat guided meditations will help you experience the joy of a calm mental state.

1. Internal Compass Meditation

A guided meditation that will help you connect to your internal compass — the part of you that always offers you the best guidance. Develop more trust in yourself and believe more in your own decisions. 

2. Present Moment Meditation

A visualization exercise that will help you observe your thoughts and take dominion over them. Perfect for moments when you feel like you’re losing control and need grounding. This meditation can also help you if you’re having issues with anxiety and need to calm down.

3. Compassion Meditation

A guided visualization that will help you become aware of and connect to your own self-compassion. We sometimes don’t value ourselves enough, and any time is the right time to give some gratitude to yourself. 

Practicing guided meditation exercises regularly can bring more mindfulness to your busy life. Meditation is reshaping your body and mind, developing a healthier, calmer and more focused you – all it takes is just a few minutes of settling your mind each day! 

What is your favorite Bellabeat meditation?

With our Bellabeat Wellness Coach subscription, you can enjoy specialized guided and breathing meditations to help you sleep better, reduce stress, and find inner peace.