Try These 5 Tips to Have the Best Skin This Winter



Winter can sometimes force you to completely change your skincare routine. Dry, flaky skin becomes a new normal and sometimes you might feel as if nothing can help!  As we’ve all been there and felt hopeless, we did extensive research and found the best tips you can start doing now to have the best skin this winter! 

1. Adjust your skincare regimen

During the winter, our skin needs different products than during the summer or spring. Cold air on the outside and strong heating indoors can take their toll. Although winter is not here yet, now is the best time to start preparing your skin for the upcoming season. 

If your skin is on the dry side, take your time and find a proper moisturizer. As our skin needs more moisture, heavier creams and oils are the way to go! Even if your skin is on the oily side, moisture is crucial to avoid breakouts, dry patches, and redness. 

2. Don’t forget the sunscreen

As soon as the sun isn’t shining and temperatures drop, we all forget about the importance of sunscreen. During the winter we don’t think it is a necessity as we don’t feel the burning sensation we’re used to in the summer. This is one of the main mistakes we’ve all made at least once. Even if the sun isn’t shining bright, it still causes damage to the top layers of our skin. 

Make sure to find a hydrating SPF or a day cream that contains SPF of at least 30.

This will help reduce the dryness and sensitivity which can be caused by excess sun and cold exposure. 

3. Don’t forget to drink water

Hydrating your body is as important as hydrating your skin. As your skin takes in moisture from your body, it’s crucial to drink enough water and hydrating drinks. Although we easily forget about it as we don’t sweat that much, once we feel thirsty, we’re already dehydrated. 

Try to drink at least 8 cups of water or tea per day and include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Cantaloupe, oranges, and carrots are full of vitamin C which boosts collagen production and helps your skin retain moisture, plus  they boost your immunity. 

4. Adjust the temperature

As much as we all love a warm shower before going to sleep, it may not be the best decision to make. Long, hot baths are wonderful after a stressful week, but they irritate your skin and strip its natural protection. This can lead to itchiness and dryness which are the early signs of irritation and dehydration.  In case you’re a bubble bath lover, try to keep the water temperature lower and treat yourself to a hydrating bath bomb. Make sure to deeply moisturize your whole body after you’re done. 

5. Don’t forget your lips

Even if you followed all of these steps, your lips may still be dry. As the skin of our lips is extremely delicate, it’s more prone to damage and needs extra attention in these cold months. 

To start, make sure to properly exfoliate. Dead skin cells can slow down natural skin cell regeneration. Make sure to exfoliate your lips at least once a week using a store-bought (or homemade) exfoliant. The fastest way to make it at home is to simply mix honey and sugar and apply it to your lips. Gently rub it for 30 seconds and either wash it away with lukewarm water or simply lick your lips- it’s natural! Make sure to use a hydrating lip balm or lip mask afterward to add the needed moisture to your lips.  You will be amazed at how lush your lips will become. 

What are your skincare tips for cold weather? Do you have any must-haves you cannot live without?  Make sure to share them below and help other Bellas who may have a similar experience!

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