The Right to Be Beautiful: The Right to Be You



Do you ever really think about the relationship you have with your body? 

Well, maybe it’s time you do. 

Our bodies are the only thing we carry with ourselves our whole lives, and they’re there for everything: relationships, fun time, career. It’s our main tool and ally. But are you kind to yourself? 

Because of the crazy and unattainable standards we’ve been presented with throughout our lives, we tend to have almost a prisoner’s relationship with (the concept of) beauty because we’re not what we see in the media. And we’re always on the verge of trying to be something we might not even want to. 

But see, one of the most incredible things this new century has brought is body positivity, or the right to be beautiful. Simply beautiful. But we, again, felt in a trap: if I change myself, does it mean I don’t accept myself? Girl, no! It doesn’t. 

Being body positive doesn’t mean you can’t change; it means you’re not a serf of any rules or types. It means you understand who you are, and you want to change for yourself so that you can feel great. Being body positive means not being in a fixed place; it’s to understand that your body shouldn’t be an obstacle for the things you want to do and achieve. 

Wellness and beauty are not one-size-fits-all: we’re different, built differently, and that’s amazing. Our bodies don’t fit the narrative because the narrative is limited, but we’re not. 

Why can’t muscular women be beautiful? Why can’t fat women be gracious? Why can’t thin women be strong? Why, why, why? Why do we even care?  

Don’t live a life waiting to have access to a crazy and unrealistic beauty concept because in a world of more than 7 billion people, why do we think there’s only one way to be beautiful? And you, you really are beautiful.