Introducing: Postpartum with Bellabeat



After months of hard work, we’re so happy to finally show you one of our core projects— Postpartum with Bellabeat!

We’ve partnered with Sara Adams McCarthy, an international postpartum doula, lactation specialist, and certified nursing assistant to create a holistic, all-encompassing postpartum program for expectant moms.

“Passionate about educating and empowering women in the 4th Trimester, Sara is on a mission to make postpartum experiences joyful, recognized, honored, safe, and accessible to all women. Sara is also the owner and founder of Teton Postpartum, which guides mothers safely and wisely through the 4th Trimester.”

What is postpartum?

After your baby is born you are also in the postpartum period. There are varying opinions on how long the postpartum period lasts. Some say it’s 40 days, while others focus on the 12 weeks (the 4th Trimester), or some even say years.

In reality, once you give birth, you are forever postpartum.

The term postpartum also needs to be more defined. It translates to “post-baby”. When most people hear “postpartum,” especially in the United States, many immediately follow this word with, “Are you talking about depression?”.

Even a google search turns up with “depression” in the top searches for this definition. Postpartum simply refers to a woman who has delivered a baby, and the time hereafter. We, as a society, tie postpartum and depression together more often than not.

What is the 4th Trimester—Postpartum by Bellabeat?

The 4th Trimester is a brand new program within Bellabeat Wellness Coach that has everything you need to prepare for the period after the baby.

Through a series of podcasts, you’ll dive into all the wonderful content that will help guide you through your postpartum journey. Step by step we’ll help you to heal and put the pieces together as you form into your new self. Some podcasts will contain Sara’s personal experience but know that each path differs greatly from mother to mother.

It’s our wish that this program will give you guidance, hope, support, and a sense of community.

What is included in the program?

1. A series of podcasts by Sara Adams McCarthy

Sara’s professional guidance will lead you through the steps of preparing for the birth of your little one by covering topics such as birthing plan, what to do after birth, and how to understand your infant.

Some of the topics the podcast will cover include “Setting Up Your Sanctuary at Home”, “Pelvic Floor Health” with the guest appearance of Diana O’Brian, a physical therapist who works at a pelvic rehab center, as well as the guide “Returning to Work or School” for all the mamas that juggle it all at once.

2. Meditations for Moms

Carefully chosen meditations are aimed at helping mothers stay in touch with their true selves. Moms need to put themselves first to best take care of their babies. The benefits of meditation and breathwork can touch so many areas of a new mother’s life.

If a mother’s cup runs dry, then no one feeds!

While meditation is not a new concept, it is gaining more awareness, especially for new mothers because of the wonderful benefits it encompasses.

3. Postpartum fitness

Within the 4th Trimester program, you will find exercises for all the stages of pregnancy and postpartum, starting with pregnancy workouts and stretches, to postpartum workouts “Babes with babes” you can perform with your little one.

The program also covers the topics such as diastasis recti, how to check for it, and exercises that help keep it under control.