How To Spend Thanksgiving When You’re Far Away



Thanksgiving is the time when we start getting into the holiday spirit. We think about all the things we can give thanks for – that new job or promotion at work, speeding ticket we talked our way out of, our children’s accomplishments, or even how Aunt Rosie managed to not burn the turkey this year.

It’s a time when families gather around the table to enjoy a nice meal and each other’s company. For many, it’s part of the tradition to take turns sharing what each person is thankful for. However, let’s take Thanksgiving a step further this year and not only tell each other what we’re thankful for but show the people in our lives how much we appreciate them.

To get you started, we’ve put together a few ways you can show the important people in your life just how much you’re grateful to have them. And don’t forget to show yourself some appreciation, too! You work hard, and deserve your own recognition and show of thanks.

Write personalized hand-written notes

Even if you don’t consider yourself a good writer or your hand-writing is terrible, take a chance by expressing yourself in words. A personal note from the heart is priceless.

You don’t have to write a Shakespearean sonnet. Just be honest, and tell the person how much you truly appreciate them. A hand-written note is something they can read again and again, and cherish for years to come. If you won’t see all of your loved ones this winter, send a letter and brighten up their holidays.

Steal some quality one-on-one time

During the Thanksgiving holiday time, it can feel like getting on a roller coaster – you just hang on tight and go for the ride. To show your loved ones how much you really appreciate them, push a pause on the roller coaster, and find ways to get each person alone to spend some time with them.
Give them a call this Thanksgiving. Even if you only have a few minutes, show them that you’re only focused on them. The gesture will be memorable and have a lasting impact.

Do an act of service that is meaningful

You don’t have to make some grand gesture like painting someone’s house or washing their car, but for many people, acts of service are deeply meaningful. So keep your eyes peeled for little things you can do for others just to show that you care about them.
Does your significant other appreciate it when you cook with them when you normally don’t cook together? Does your best friend need help with something that you’re able to do without being asked? Look for even the smallest opportunities to help someone you love, and just do it because you can and because you care.

Buy or make a small gift that shows how much you care

We’re not talking about Christmas shopping or Black Friday here. This is a completely separate, small, very personal gift “just because” you want to show how much you appreciate someone in your life.
If you have a photo with you and the other person, put it in a nice frame, or if you have crafting skills, make a frame or small scrapbook. Does your father or mother love to drink tea? Buy them a box of their favorite tea. Find small things that show how well you know the people in your life and that you were thinking of them and wanted to show how much you love them.

And if you’re solo this Thanksgiving, this will give you a good excuse to get out and be social. There’s always someone happy to give and get a hug, especially during the holidays, so don’t be shy.

Make this Thanksgiving extra special. Take a few moments to really show the people you’re thankful for – yourself included – just how much you appreciate them.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Bellabeat! We appreciate you!