3 Skin Recharge Tips



Our skin is our largest organ and we all know it is important to take good care of it.
Along with taking care from the outside, it’s even more important to take care of your skin from within. Eating right, drinking enough water, and managing your sleep are one of the main habits you should focus on when trying to recharge your skin.

Check out our recommendations and have the best skin in 2021!

Focus on vitamin C

Although there are many other vitamin-rich foods, rosehip is one of the best ones. You’ve probably heard of this amazing food because of its benefits as a face oil. As an ingredient of numerous face creams, masks, and washes, it calms the skin and protects it from damage. Although mostly used as an ingredient in skincare, its nutritional value is immense when consumed.

With only 162 calories per 100 grams and a glycemic index of 2, it is a great choice for everyone!

Just 100 grams of this amazing fruit contains 426 mg of Vitamin C, which is 473% of the recommended daily value! That’s more than oranges, lemon, or other commonly eaten foods!

Vitamin C is not only important for your health, but it also has antioxidant properties, which may reduce skin damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. It aids in the production of collagen, a protein responsible for keeping your skin elastic and youthful.

Check your water

No, we’re not talking about the water you’re drinking, but the one you’re showering in. Did you ever go to a different state and your skin started changing? Dryness, flaking, redness, and other symptoms can all be indicators of hard water.
Hard water is the one that’s high in calcium—good for your bones, but not so much for your skin. Calcium sits on the skin and creates a barrier that changes the skin’s oil composition. This results in the inability of the skin to moisturize itself. It also leads to large pores, wrinkles, rashes, swelling, and rosacea. It can also cause nails and hair to become thinner and more brittle.
The majority 85 percent of the U.S. has hard water, so the probability that you’re living in a hard water state or city is high.

How to know you have hard water at home

  • Your faucets have white patches on or around them
  • Glass dishes have spots on them
  • Your scalp gets oily while your hair is dry

What you can do about this

The easiest solution is to get a water filtrating system that will remove the excess calcium from your water. Although it is the easiest solution, it is also the most expensive one.
Other things you can try are using a hydrating, mineral water facial mist after showering and use an antioxidative moisturizer for your face.

Find your perfect match

Changing your skincare routine often can sometimes do more damage. Besides the seasonal change, excessive products can make your skin more prone to irritation. If you haven’t already, we’d recommend you get a skin check to determine your skin type.
It’s important to use the products that are suitable for your skin type and will help you keep your skin in check!

In case you already know your skin type and have the needed skincare routine, stick to it! It’s the easiest way to have balanced and glowy skin!