How To Do a Superman Exercise?



What is a superman exercise?

The superman exercise is an efficient and effective exercise that can be performed by people of all fitness levels and with zero equipment. The exercise got its name because it resembles the famous superman pose. 

Which muscles are used when performing a superman exercise?

The superman exercise will mainly target your erector spinae muscles, including the spinalis, longissimus, and iliocostalis. This fantastic exercise also targets the hamstrings, upper back, upper and lower abs, glutes, and shoulders.

What are the benefits of a superman exercise?

This simple exercise is going to provide a lot of benefits to everyone that does it. Some of the main benefits of the superman exercise include:

– Superman exercise provides spinal support.

The superman exercise strengthens the erector spinae muscles, which provide support to your spine.

– Superman exercise improves posture.

Having strong and active muscles in your back, as well as improving your core strength, will prevent poor posture, discomfort, as well as prevent injury.

– Superman exercise strengthens legs and buttocks.

In addition to targeting your back muscles and deep core muscles, Superman targets your glutes and hamstrings, strengthening your legs and booty, which definitely makes it worth adding to your fitness routine.

How to do a superman exercise?

To avoid injury and enjoy doing the superman exercise, you have to perform it with proper form. Here is how to do the superman exercise:

  1. Lie on the floor with your stomach down, preferably on a soft surface, such as a yoga mat or on a soft carpet. Avoid laying on a hard surface. Have your arms and legs extended and your head facing the floor. Make sure your spine and your neck are in a neutral position, without any curves or bumps.
  2. Exhale as you slowly lift your arms, legs, upper back, and head off the floor, right into the superman position.
  3. Use the power of your muscles to lift the limbs slowly and carefully; do not use momentum to get your legs and arms in the air. Also be careful not to hyperextend, rather try and lengthen your body in final position.
  4. Keep your arms and legs straight in the air, but make sure not to lock your elbows and knees. Your elbows and knees should have a slight bend. Hold this neutral position for a moment.
  5. Slowly lower your arms and legs back down into the starting position.

Variations of a superman exercise

A modified version can make this exercise more exciting or more challenging for those who feel they need it. Some variations of the superman exercise include:

Weighted superman exercise

The weighted superman exercise is performed the same way that the traditional superman exercise is; the only difference is that you should be holding a weight in your hands or around your ankles. The weight will make this variation more challenging and you will definitely feel the burn in your lower back muscles, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, arms and hips.

Static superman hold

This variation is performed same way as the regular superman exercise only in this variation the goal is to hold the final position for extended period of time. Try and start with 5-10 seconds then gradually increase the duration.

Mistakes/Safety Tips

There are some occurrences that are commonly observed in people performing the superman exercise, which are signs of bad form. When you are performing the superman exercise, make sure to avoid:

– Forgetting to breathe.

While performing the superman exercise, it is essential to breathe steadily, as it will stabilize your core and maximize your results.

– Moving too fast.

When you have a lightning-speed beat in the background, you might feel tempted to soar through these moves. But with superman, slow and steady wins the race. Holding the position at the top for at least a moment is vital to reaping results.

– Bending your arms or legs.

As mentioned earlier, your elbows and knees should not be locked, but they should not be bent either. Your limbs should be straight, but they should not be tight.

– Pointing your toes.

It might seem natural to point your toes like a ballerina while they are raised, but you should avoid doing that. Pointing the toes relaxes the core and puts all of the pressure on the legs, and the superman exercise aims for even distribution.