Everything You Need to Know Before Doing a Detox



What is a detox?

A detox or detoxification has become quite a health sensation in the last few years. There are still debates on how effective or beneficial a detox really is, but most agree that done in moderation and with a clear understanding of what a detox means (and how you can properly execute it), it can definitely help clear your body of any excess toxins.

Now, if you’re already somewhat familiar with human anatomy, or processes of the human body, you might already know that we have our own ‘little’ detox system build into our body. It involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs. When you are healthy and all your organs are working at its full potential, your body should be able to release the toxins without any need for a detox.

However, considering the impact modern living, such as improper nutrition, lack of hydration, stress and lack of exercise, can have on your body, you can definitely help it along rather than hold it back.

Usually, a detox consists of a specific diet, or some products that claim they can completely rid your body of toxins and help you lose weight. Most (if not all) of those products are just cheap promises that won’t come true, and filling your body with artificial chemicals might even be worse for your overall health.

In case you find yourself wondering: how do I know if I should do a detox, we’ve got it covered!

Read on to learn the basics of doing a detox — signs you might need one, the benefits of doing it and ultimately, how to do a simple water detox to welcome the new Spring season.

What are the signs you should do a detox?

While there isn’t one sure-fire way to know whether your body is craving a refresh, there are some signs that mean your body isn’t functioning at your optimal capacity. Take a look at the list below to see what your body is telling you.

  1. You’ve recently been experiencing an unusual amount of headaches, and your thoughts often seems a bit foggy, as if you’re in a dream.
  2. You’re feeling fatigued, overwhelmed or stressed more and more often.
  3. Your digestion is becoming troublesome; it’s uncomfortable and irregular.
  4. You often consume the following: coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, fried foods, processed foods, gluten, dairy, refined sugar or fast food.
  5. Lately, you seem to be emotionally drained, lacking motivation or enthusiasm — people who know you might even say you look depressed!
  6. You’re often exposed to various environmental toxins, such as: cigarette smoke, carbon emissions, herbicides, pesticides, artificial fragrances or household chemicals.
  7. It seems your immunity has abandoned you as you just can’t stop getting sick — it’s like all the colds, flus or viruses are attracted to you like a magnet — so you’re often on medication.
  8. Your skin looks like it could use a facial mask, or 10 of them. It’s dry, seems to get blemishes or breakouts, and your overall complexion looks dull, tired and lack-luster.

So, according to this… the vast majority of us should probably consider doing a detox. Think of it as a way to give your system a refresh and a boost so it can do its job better.

What are the benefits of doing a natural detox?

What natural detox means is a water detox, using fruits and vegetables to cleanse your system. So, no detox teas that promise miracles, or pills that offer a fast fix.

Here’s what you can change by doing a detox:

  • Improve your mental clarity (no more being in a daze!)
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Build up your immune system
  • Give your skin a healthy, radiant glow
  • Assist with your weight loss goals
  • Increase your self-confidence and stabilize your emotions
  • Improve your quality of life and create healthy new habits

Quite an impressive list, right? As you can see, doing a detox isn’t a magical fix to all your problems. It’s a way to improve, increase and assist your body in functioning better to provide you with your desired results.

How can you make detox water?

Drinking enough water already has its own range of amazing benefits. While staying properly hydrated can be a struggle in itself, using water as a tool to completely detox your body requires a bit of mix-and-matching certain ingredients.

We prepared a list of the most popular water detox combinations:

  • Lemon & ginger
  • Lemon & lime
  • Lemon & cayenne pepper
  • Lemon & orange
  • Blackberry & orange
  • Mint & watermelon
  • Mint & cucumber
  • Grapefruit & rosemary
  • Strawberry & basil

Now you’re fully informed on what exactly a detox entails. We’ll take this chance to note that not everyone can endure a full water detox, so don’t force yourself! You can do a water detox while also eating solid food, if you make sure your meals are packed with vegetables and fruits as they’re the ones that promote the awakening of those toxins still lodged in our cells and their release from the body.

We hope these suggestions helped and keep in mind one important thing:

Always listen to your body.