Pain Under Right Breast: How To Identify the Cause and Treat the Pain?



It happens to the best of us. One moment, you are going through your daily routines when suddenly you feel sudden and severe chest pain somewhere right under your right breast.

It surprises you so you try to take a few deep breaths to remove it but it just gets worse and even travels to your back. Sometimes, the sharp pain dulls after a few minutes but other times, it stays, making your daily routines a little more difficult. 

Any kind of pain around your left or right breast can be alarming and nerve-wracking. It can lead you to thinking of the worst-case scenario like it being an early sign of breast cancer or lung cancer.

However, we are here to shed some light on some of the causes of the pain in your right breast and try to suggest ways to relieve pain in this area.

Step one: Identifying the cause of the pain

One of the most worrisome illnesses for women is breast cancer. Let’s put this aside first to lessen your worry. Experiencing pain under your right breast is not usually a sign of breast cancer.

Generally speaking, this pain shouldn’t be a sign of anything serious. There are common causes of this so it helps to know your activities or your behaviors at the time you felt the pain to understand it more and to treat it effectively.

Injury or Muscle Strain

Injuries around the chest area can be caused by blows, falls, or coughing. Try to look for other symptoms like bruising or swelling.

You might have inflicted a rib injury with a recent activity you did. If you also had surgery around this area, it might cause you pain.

You might also feel pain when you twist your body or take deep breaths, which can mean something is wrong with your rib cage. 

You can also overstretch your muscles here causing sharp pain in this area. Did you carry anything heavy, use any heavy equipment, or throw anything today?

Menstrual Cycle and Pregnancy

Try to observe if the pain comes and goes for you every month because it might be connected to your menstrual cycle and the fluctuating hormone levels that come with it. Some women experience swollen or tender breasts a few days before their period starts.

This is also a common condition among pregnant ladies, too. It may be caused by your body slowly adjusting to the growth of your womb, cramping, or digestive concerns like gas or bloating. 


There are many different health conditions that can explain the pain around your breast area.

It can be related to your physical activity or strenuous exercise. It may also be excess gas, problems with your digestive system, issues with your lower or upper abdomen, or even with your right lung.

This might seem overwhelming and cause a lot of discomfort. But, don’t worry. There are certain conditions that are not life-threatening and don’t need a trip to the emergency room.

Most of the causes can actually be alleviated with home treatment.

Common Illnesses

Costochondritis is a common cause of either sharp or dull pains under your right breast. It is the inflammation of the breastbone. There are no other symptoms like fever but it can be caused by muscle strain or injuries. 

Another cause of pain under your right breast could be gallstones or kidney stones. The gallbladder is an organ found on the right side of the body. Gallstones could block the flow of bile causing much gallbladder pain and leads to gallbladder infection. Kidney stones, on the other hand, could block the flow of urine which can cause pain that travels to the area under the right breast.

Hiatal hernia could also be a possible cause of the pain under your right breast. This is the condition wherein part of your stomach passes through the hiatus, an opening in the diaphragm. Hiatal hernia could cause gastrointestinal reflux disease that has the following symptoms: chest pain, heartburn, or stomach acid. 

One of the common symptoms of Pancreatitis is burning pain that starts from the abdomen and spreads to under the right breast and even to the sides and the back. Other symptoms include nausea, fever, and yellowish skin.

Pleurisy is another common cause of pain under your right breast. This is when the thin membrane between your lungs and chest cavity becomes inflamed. So, every time you take deep breaths or when you cough, you experience pain or discomfort. Taking shallow breaths usually helps avoid the pain. 

Step two: Connecting the dots and treating the pain 

Reflect on the current routines to some of the causes stated. What happened around the time you felt the pain under your right breast? Did you strain your muscles? Do you usually get this kind of severe pain before your menstrual cycle? Do you have high levels of stomach acid?

Depending on what symptom you feel, there are certain over-the-counter (OTC) medications you can take. For example, if you want to lessen the pain, you can use ibuprofen.

If you have a rib injury or a muscle strain, you can also reduce swelling and pain by applying an ice pack on the affected area and taking time to recover for a few weeks.

However, when symptoms get worse, make sure to book an appointment with a doctor to get more information about your condition. Seeking medical attention or getting a second opinion is also vital.

So, try to listen to your body to know if you need to see a doctor to understand the underlying cause of your pain.

Any kind of unexplained, unexpected, and severe pain especially around your breast area can cause a lot of anxiety and confusion. Hopefully, this was able to give you a more informed look at your condition to be able to treat pain under your right breast properly.

Related Questions:

Can anxiety cause pain under the right breast?

In most cases, pain occurs under the right breast, especially if you have an anxiety attack, a panic attack, or if you are hyperventilating. The more effort you exert in breathing, the more your muscles around your chest get strained resulting in sudden chest pain. 

Can a heart attack hurt on the right side?

Usually, chest pain on the left side is associated with a heart attack. Chest pain on the right side is less likely to be provoked by a heart attack and may be caused by other conditions such as injuries or inflammation.

What is causing the pain under my right rib cage?

There are several different causes of this kind of pain. It may be caused by an injury, a muscle strain, or some illnesses. It is important to take note of your other symptoms to help you better gauge what you are feeling.

There are certain medications that can help prevent pain especially if there was an early diagnosis. The best source of information if you are experiencing any serious medical condition, of course, is a doctor or a medical professional. 

They can provide medical advice that is helpful aside from giving yourself more anxiety by self-diagnosing.